This is me and my husband, Carson. I love him and all my family. I want us to be happy. It’s a lot easier to be happy when you’re healthy. And when you’re satisfied with tasty food.

Just like friends don’t let friends text and drive, friends don’t let friends eat their way into chronic disease. You wouldn’t do anything that would shorten the life of your families or friends, yet we do all the time by the meals we resort to (Totino’s frozen pizza, anyone? With 4 grams of trans fat and 36% of your daily value of sodium? And that’s if you really only eat half the personal pizza).

We resort to them because they’re delicious, cheap, or convenient.

The truth is that the way we eat has everything to do with our health. Your immune system, no matter how strong you feel it is, can be supercharged by ensuring more vegetables, beans, nuts, and fruits in every meal.


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